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Exotics & Pocket Pets

Surgical suite

At PVH we offer exotic and pocket pet surgical procedures including:

  • Routine Neuter (Select Pets)

  • Minor Lump Removal

Image by Bonnie Kittle

exams & diagnostics

At PVH we offer a comprehensive list of exotic and pocket pet exams and diagnostics including:

  • Nail & Beak Trimming

  • Routine Vaccinations

  • Wellness Examinations

  • Nutritional & Husbandry Consultations

  • Complete in house laboratory

  • Referred out laboratory testing

  • Digital Radiographs

  • Ultrasound

Image by Aswathy N

end of life care

At PVH we offer compassionate end of life care:

  • In Clinic Euthanasia

  • Cremation (MJHS)

  • Variety of Keepsake Options

Image by Alexander Grey
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