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Owners Use Semen Collection

What is owners use semen collection?

We provide bovine semen collection and freezing both on farm and in our clinic. After the semen is collected it is then chilled before being processed and froze at the lab. 

We require the bull identification 3 days prior to collection so straws can be printed accordingly. No health tests are required prior to semen collection. This semen is frozen for in herd use only and is not to be sold. Only the current owners of the bull shall have access to the semen.


semen collection Process


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semen processed

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post thaw

AI cows

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Book an appointment to collect your sire

The semen is checked for quality and then chilled

The semen is loaded into straws and frozen using liquid nitrogen

A post thaw analysis is done to ensure semen quality is up to standards after freezing

The semen is now available to use 

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